Esports team sitting on Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chairs at Worlds 2022 esports tournament playing League of Legends

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Secretlab: Disrupting the world of gaming chairs

At Secretlab, we pioneered how the modern gaming chair delivers the best experience for gamers and creators spending vast, sustained amounts of time in front of a computer.

Thriving on the ethos of building the best gaming chairs for everyone, Secretlab has built a global brand on quality, comfort, and a deep understanding of what makes gaming chairs truly great. Driven by extensive research and development, our award-winning gaming chairs are trusted by over 3,000,000 users worldwide.

The premier choice for pro-grade comfort on the world stage

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The best gaming chairs, trusted by pros

Iconic in the echelons of world champions, Secretlab gaming chairs have a reigning presence in premier esports tournaments including League of Legends World Championship and The International. Built with premium materials and engineered for award-winning performance at the highest levels, Secretlab gaming chairs are designed for pro-grade ergonomics from start-to-finish — for anyone who requires a personalized sitting experience over long hours.

Discover Secretlab TITAN Evo Gaming Chairs
Tenz playing video games on a Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

Of all the gaming chairs I’ve tried, nothing is better than a Secretlab chair.

Top professional Valorant player
Faker and Gumayusi playing video games on Secretlab TITAN Evo T1 edition gaming chairs

We can always trust Secretlab to have our back, especially during the longest, most intense matches.

Professional Esports team
Puppey from Team Secret at an esports tournament sitting on a Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

Secretlab TITAN Evo keeps me perfectly positioned for peak performance, so I never have to worry about having the right support.

Dota 2 legend
Scripe from Team Echo lying comfortably on a Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

When you don’t notice the chair after sitting on it for 16 hours every day, for 18 days straight… that is a major plus for the quality of the chair.


It's the best one I ever sat on... it might make you too good of a player.

A person playing video games on a home streamer setup with a Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair and a MAGNUS metal gaming desk
A grey cookies and cream Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair and set up in a work-from-home environment
A black Stealth Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair and set up in a dark, gaming environment

Secretlab offers the best gaming chairs that are engineered for work and play

You no longer have to choose between a gaming chair and an office chair. Secretlab offers an extensive range of comfortable, ergonomically designed chairs that elevate your gaming experience and also make working from home easier and more efficient

Explore Secretlab Gaming Chairs

The Secretlab Gaming Chair Difference

We are in a relentless pursuit to bring you the world's best gaming chair that suits everyone's needs.

Three executives from the Secretlab product development team discussing over an iteration of a gaming chair prototype
Our founders & product team are

chair-obsessed specialists.

A Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair being pushed to the limits on a product testing machine A Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair being pushed to the limits on a product testing machine

Vast economies of scale allow us access to

tomorrow's technologies today.

World-class manufacturing facilities, with expert craftsmen.
Premium materials for unmatched strength and quality.

Explore the tech behind our gaming chairs

Direct to consumer;
Zero middlemen.

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Direct value straight to you

A person lying down, resting comfortably on a Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

Established to hold our word.

Extended 5-year warranty.

Embroidering and testing the durability of Secretlab leather and fabric upholsteries Embroidering and testing the durability of Secretlab leather and fabric upholsteries
Rigorous, extensive testing

beyond international standards.

Discover our extensive range of gaming chairs

A Black, Signature edition Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair in a corporate work setting

Secretlab Signatures

Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chairs bring an elevated level of personalized support and unrivaled performance. Designed with pro-grade ergonomics for serious performance. Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and science-driven design only available to Secretlab, this is the gaming chair with everything to do it all.

Experience the gold standard of gaming chairs with the Secretlab Classics range, critically acclaimed and trusted by esports legends around the world. Suitable for both casual and pro-gamers, the Secretlab Classics gaming chairs are designed with the same relentless engineering and expert craftsmanship found in all Secretlab gaming chairs.

Discover the collection
A Team Liquid, esports edition Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair in a gaming setup

Secretlab Esports editions

With performance-driven ergonomic features engineered to keep gamers comfortably supported over long hours, sit and play like your favorite esports pros with our Esports Edition gaming chairs.

Discover the collection
A Cyberpunk edition themed Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair in a gaming or streaming setup

Secretlab special editions

Award-winning comfort meets the biggest names in gaming, entertainment and pop culture. From League of Legends to Game of Thrones, the DC Universe, and more — inspired by your favorite films, shows, game titles and characters, discover the perfect Secretlab gaming chair for you.

Discover the collection

Settling only for the best gaming chair

A quick guide to picking the best ergonomic seating solution for you

Don't make do with a gaming chair — or any chair — that is not made to suit you. Discover what makes a Secretlab gaming chair the winning advantage for your work, play, and everything in between.

Full-body adjustments

Secretlab gaming chairs are designed to adapt to you, even as you change your posture throughout the day. Simply adjust your preferred recline angle, seat tilt, and height to perfectly adapt to your natural posture all day long. When you get ergonomic support no matter how you sit, that’s a user-backed design.

Supportive comfort
An example of good posture while sitting on a Stealth, Signature edition, Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

Secretlab gaming chairs come with effective lumbar support that can be height-adjusted to suit the curvature of your spine. Get the ultimate award-winning sitting experience with the best gaming chairs. Leveraging the latest technologies, we are able to offer features like a magnetic memory foam head pillow and a 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support System.

Learn more about L-ADAPT™.
Premium materials

Our gaming chairs are made from ADC12 aluminum alloy, a strong and durable material used in modern manufacturing. Quality matters, so we add strengthening ribs to the wheelbase, allowing it to pass the BIFMA static impact test (1,360kg/2,998lbs) and dynamic impact test (1,150kg/2,535lbs). Plus, we use our own durable Secretlab SoftWeave™ Plus fabric for maximum comfort and Secretlab NEO™ Hybrid Leatherette for increased durability.

Learn more about our gaming chair materials.
Standout aesthetics
A showcase of the Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chairs in signature editions

We believe that the best gaming chair is sleek, smart and efficient. Our chairs come in modern stunning designs alleviating the overall look of your gaming room. Choose from a wide range of colors and unique styles that match your personal preference or complement your decor.

Want something different from a standard black gaming chair? We have got you covered. Find the perfect color of your choice with the Secretlab SoftWeave™ Plus range.

A size for you. And you. And you.
Three people sitting on respective sizes of the Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chairs

Our gaming chairs come in different sizes to suit the needs of unique gamers. Choose from sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large based on what suits you best, so regardless of your size, age, weight or height, we are able to provide you with a quality experience with our gaming chairs.

Learn more about finding the right-sized Secretlab gaming chair.

Trusted and rated for perfection

See why our gaming chairs are a hit with media and our community all across the world.

There’s a reason why people worldwide love our gaming chairs. Whether it is the comfort, quality, customizability or more, our customers know and trust the brand for their gaming chair needs.

Winning over 60 Editors’ Choice Awards and Best Hardware Awards from leading international publications and reviewers, Secretlab offers some of the best gaming chairs for over 2 million satisfied users globally.

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“While most gaming chairs in the market come with basic features like a tall backrest, with a pull-lever reclining function, our gaming chairs stand a step above the competition with superior materials and build quality.”
A Stealth, Signature edition, Secretlab TITAN Evo gaming chair

Read what our 3,000,000+ customers have to say about Secretlab

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Frequently Asked Questions

With our independently established Ergonomics Advisory Board, each Secretlab gaming chair has been refined for maximum comfort through detailed ergonomic studies by experts in the field. Our highly customizable gaming chair accounts for your unique body structure, providing you with the best support for a healthy and neutral posture. Additionally, upon undergoing rigorous testing, our gaming chair has shown to exceed industry standards.

By taking away the middleman and selling our products directly to you, we can place more emphasis on R&D to constantly improve our chairs, while ensuring our gaming chairs are kept at the best value.

Yes, the goal of any Secretlab gaming chair is to ensure that you have the best experience whilst sitting for a long duration — whether you’re gaming, working or relaxing.

Secretlab gaming chairs are built to be highly customizable and feature a wide range of adjustments. This includes adjusting the height from the floor, armrests and more. Learn more about getting the most out of Secretlab Gaming Chairs

At Secretlab, our gaming chair comes in three sizes - Small (S), Regular (R) and Extra Large (XL), to accommodate our customers of all heights, weights and age ranges.

Learn more about the right Secretlab chair size

Our chairs are built for everyone and anyone. If you love gaming or want an amazing comfortable office chair, Secretlab gaming chairs are the ideal choice for you.

We offer unmatched quality, a wide array of customization options, and a broad selection of options.

Check out our full collection

Whether you want comfort, quality, adjustability or just a gaming chair that looks amazing, we offer it all.

We are one of the best-rated gaming chairs in the world for a reason.

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Different series of Secretlab gaming chair Different series of Secretlab gaming chair

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